What can you fit into a small self-storage rental? Self-storage provides you with an easy way to declutter and organize your home. But you don't necessarily need to rent a warehouse-sized unit. Before you sign a lease or agree to a rental, take a look at what you need to know about small self-storage units.

What Is A Small Self Storage Unit?

There is no universal definition of a "small" sized storage rental. A small unit could have the same dimensions as a medium-sized walk-in closet—or the unit could be significantly smaller or somewhat larger. To learn more about what type of unit your local storage facility considers "small," ask the facility's manager or staff to provide you with the precise dimensions.

Why Would You Rent A Small-Sized Storage Unit?

Some people choose a smaller-sized rental to save money. The cost of storage varies by location, facility, and type of unit. But in general, many facilities will charge less money to rent a unit that has a smaller overall square footage. This makes a small unit a budget-friendly pick that often appeals to anyone on a fixed income, college students, or homeowners who are spending money on a major home renovation project.

Even though price is a major factor in the decision to rent a smaller unit, it isn't the only reason. If you don't have much to store or only need to temporarily store some items, a smaller unit provides the off-site area you need without wasting space.

What Will Fit Into This Type of Storage Unit?

Smaller self-storage units are not the best options for anyone who wants to store furniture, such as full-sized couches, dining room tables, full or larger mattresses, bed frames, or armoires. But these units usually have enough space to fit smaller furniture items (such as individual kitchen or dining room chairs, a recliner, end tables, or disassembled tables, dressers, bed frames, and desks), boxes of books, bins filled with decorative items, smaller-sized artwork, dishware, or clothing.

You can also store seasonal items, holiday decor, children's toys, shoes, documents, photos, or one medium-sized piece of furniture in a small rental. Before you choose items to store in a smaller unit, total the height, width, and depth of furniture or containers (boxes and bins). Decide what you can safely stack vertically and total the square footage. 

Will You Need Extra Space In A Small Rental?

Instead of packing the unit from wall to wall, leave empty space to walk through. You won't want to take everything out of storage just to remove one or two items. A slim pathway in the small unit provides the easy access you could need.