Self-storage units are available for both short and long-term renting. If you wish to keep your belongings in storage for months or even years, you need to be deliberate with your choice of storage unit and how you pack, among other things.

For the best outcome, here are some great tips to keep in mind when renting self-storage units for long-term storage.

1. Pick the Right Unit

Assess what you want to keep to inform the right size of storage unit to choose. Choose a self-storage facility with great safety and security features to enjoy peace of mind for however long your items will be in storage. 

Also, look around for affordable self-storage units. Some facilities offer great discounts and deals for long-term discounts. You may also want to consider a climate-controlled unit if you are storing items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity levels. These include consumer electronics, antiques, and leather furniture.

2. Pack for Long-Term Storage

Proper packing will ensure your items stay in great shape no matter how long they stay in the self-storage units. 

Clean and dry your appliances before storage to avoid mold and mildew. For your furniture items, prevent mildew by removing any dust or dirt and sealing the wood with a layer of polish. Also, ensure you spread a canvas tarp beneath these heavy items and other boxes to avoid the dampness of the floor.

Use the right packing supplies. Get new heavy-duty boxes built for durability. While they may be an option for short-term storage, avoid plastic bags when packing for extended stays. With no opening for air, plastic bags easily trap moisture, which may damage your stored items.

3. Get Storage Insurance

Add a layer of protection by insuring your stored items. Check whether your homeowners' or renters' insurance policy covers items kept in self-storage units and other off-site locations. If not, you will require additional standalone insurance, which the storage facility can help you enroll for, so you enjoy comprehensive protection.

4. Make Regular Check-Ins

Don't neglect your stored items until you need to move them out of the unit. Check in on them regularly, and you can catch any issues and address them as soon as possible. You can arrange with the self-storage facility to have someone check in on your behalf. 

You can keep items in self-storage units for as long as you may want or need to. Choose the right unit, pack properly, insure your stored items, and check the unit regularly to ensure your items are safe and in the best condition for however long you rent the unit.

To get started, contact a storage facility in your area such as Oak Storage.