When the day to move into your self-storage unit comes, you may initially feel a bit overwhelmed. Packing up a bunch of items and moving them into a storage unit is a big task, and of course you want it to go smoothly. It certainly can — if you follow these tips on move-in day.

Rent a moving truck.

Unless you own a large truck yourself, it is a good idea to rent a moving truck on the day you plan to fill your storage unit. Otherwise, you will probably have to take multiple trips with your own car, which can be really time-consuming. Plus, you're bound to discover, partway through the move, that something does not fit in the car. If you rent a moving truck, everything will fit inside. You can load it up once, drive to the storage unit, and then spend the rest of the day unloading the truck and organizing the unit.

Visit the storage facility beforehand. 

If you have not yet been to the actual storage facility you are renting from, take a trip out there before you actually load the storage unit. Figure out where the gate is, where your unit is, where you need to park, and what their general policies are. This can save you quite a few headaches and allow you to work more efficiently the day you move your stuff into storage.

Buy some shelving.

Purchase some basic shelves from a home goods store, or look for some used shelving at garage sales. Put the shelving in the moving truck last, and make it the first thing you unload into the storage unit. This way, you will have a place to park small items and boxes as you unload the truck. These small items are less likely to get lost or damaged on a shelf.

Ask a few people to help.

Moving into the storage unit will be easier with help, but you don't want too many helpers, either. With too many people, you'll just end up stumbling over each other. Most people do just fine with one or two other people along to help them move heavy things, open and close doors, and carry boxes. Start asking friends early so you know you have helpers lined up.

With the tips above, the process of moving into a self storage unit should go more smoothly. Before long, your unit will be loaded and organized for your future use. Good luck!