Sometimes, you don't have room for all your belongings in your home. When you lack the storage space in your home, you can rent a storage unit to store your items. A climate-controlled storage unit allows for consistent temperatures throughout the year inside of the storage unit. In addition, different belongings require climate-controlled storage to not sustain damage while in storage.

Item #1: Antiques

Antiques lasted for so long because people took care of them over the years. If you are going to put some antiques into your storage unit, you need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Keeping the environment consistent will help to ensure your antiques don't experience any additional wear.

Item #2: Musical Instruments

Most musical instruments are sensitive to moisture in the air. Wood-based instruments, such as a violin or a guitar, can easily warp when exposed to excess humidity. Brass-based instruments shouldn't be exposed to excess moisture either; excess moisture can cause rust to develop inside brass-based instruments. Instead, musical instruments should be cleaned, stored inside an appropriate instrument case, and kept in a climate-controlled environment where the humidity is regulated.

Item #3: Artwork

With artwork, if you want the work to look good for decades to come, you have to treat the artwork right. You will not just want to take a painting down from the wall and place it in your storage unit. Instead, you will want to wrap the painting up in material that protects the artwork, like acid-free paper, and place the artwork inside of boxes explicitly designed to fit the artwork and keep it in place.

Item #4: Photographs

Photographers are also sensitive to temperature changes and can easily get damaged by excess moisture. So if you have family photographers you want to keep safe, place them inside an archival-quality box or album, and then place them inside a climate-controlled storage unit.

Item #5: Electronics

You may be able to haul your electronics everywhere, but it doesn't mean that your electronics can withstand any conditions you put them under. Electronics contain sensitive components that can easily be damaged when exposed to either extremely hot or cold temperatures. That is why electronics should be stored inside boxes that keep the electronics from moving around, kept off the ground, and stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Many items do a lot better when stored inside a climate-controlled unit, where the temperature and humidity are kept consistent. Things such as electronics, photographs, artwork, musical instruments, and antiques should all be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit.