Renting a storage unit is one of the easiest ways to get extra items out of your space, and it's also a good option for stashing things in the middle of a move. If you will be renting a storage unit for the first time, though, you might be feeling a little intimidated or unsure of yourself. The following are some tips that should help you out.

Spring for the bigger unit

As you're sitting in the self-storage facility office looking down their list of prices, it is easy to just go with the smallest, least expensive unit. But if this means you end up having to leave some things behind — or pack the unit to the ceiling in a way that makes it hard to access things — then the money you saved won't be worth it. Usually, you are best off springing for a slightly larger unit so that you can space things out inside and hold onto more of your items.

Opt for climate control

You might assume only the most delicate items need to be kept in a climate-controlled unit. But this really isn't the case. If you would not keep it in an unheated garage, then you should not keep it in a storage unit that's not climate-controlled. Most wooden furniture, mattresses, appliances, and clothing needs to be in a climate-controlled storage unit, or else you may arrive back to the unit to find warped or moldy items after a few months.

Make organization a priority

Moving can be a busy time, and it's so tempting to just shove everything in the storage unit and deal with it later. But this makes it tough to find what you need later on. Make organization a priority. Label your boxes, and put similar items together in your boxes. Stack your boxes neatly, which is easiest when your boxes are all the same size. Make sure you can access each stack of boxes safely too.

Make sure everything is clean and dry

No matter what the item is, it needs to be clean and dry before you store it. If it is not clean, it will probably emerge very smelly. If it is not dry, it will mold while in storage. Take the time to wipe down appliances and let them dry. Wash and dry clothing and plush items, too.

If you follow the tips above, your experience with self storage should be a great one.