If you work odd hours or prefer to be up late at night, you may be looking for a storage facility that allows you to access your unit 24 hours a day. This ensures you can access the unit at a time that is convenient for you based on your schedule. If you are looking to rent a 24-hour storage unit, here are a few important factors that you must consider when selecting a facility.

The Area the Facility Is Located In

One of the factors to consider is the area the facility is located in. When possible, look at the area during both the day and night times, as the mood and vibe of an area can change when the sun sets. You want to ensure that you feel safe driving down the streets that the storage facility is located and in the facility itself, as you may be the only person utilizing the facility during off hours. If you don't feel safe being alone in the neighborhood, keep looking until you find a facility in a neighborhood you do feel safe in. 

How You Can Access the Storage Facility

Another factor to consider is how you can access the storage facility. Most storage facilities allow you to enter a PIN that opens a secure gate. If your PIN does not work, you can enter the office and request a new one or get help to open the gate. However, at 24-hour facilities, there may or may not always be a staff member in the office. Always ask if there is a way to contact someone if your access code doesn't work or you forget it. 

What Security Measures Are in Place

As you look to rent a 24-hour storage unit, be sure to pay close attention to what security measures the facility utilizes. Different facilities utilize different security measures, including cameras, security guards, and motion detection lighting. A great storage facility will tell you what security measures they have in place to protect both you and your storage unit. 

The Amount of Lighting Present

The final factor to pay attention to when you are looking to rent a 24-hour storage unit is the amount of lighting present. Pay attention to how much light is present outside of the storage unit and in the storage unit itself. Having a 24-hour unit may not do you a lot of good if there is not adequate lighting to find what you are looking for in your storage unit or to load and unload your unit. Ensure there is adequate lighting to see after the sun goes down. 

When you are looking to rent a 24-hour storage unit, you want to ensure that you feel safe and secure if you visit the storage facility at any time. Considering each of these factors will help you select a facility that you feel safe at when accessing your unit whenever the need arises.