Whether you are planning a long-distance move for work, college, or simply to start a new life, you may find that you have a need for storage space. Moving storage, such as mini storage pods, can provide a host of benefits during this transition period. Here are just some of the many benefits to consider as you make plans to store your personal items.


With traditional self-storage units, you need to choose either a location near your current home or the one you are moving too. With portable moving storage, you can decide where you want your storage unit to go. You can place it on your current property, at your new home, or even at a parent's home until you need to access your items. This means you never have to be too far away from your most treasured possessions. Some moving storage companies also offer the option of keeping your items on-site at one of their many self-storage locations.

Easy Loading

A portable storage unit can be brought to your home when you are ready to pack up your items. This means you can pack on your own schedule, and transfer boxes as they are filled instead of tackling all of your moving tasks in one day with a moving truck. You'll have plenty of time to organize and rearrange your boxes and furniture as needed, which makes for a relatively stress-free moving process.

Decluttering Help

If you are moving to a smaller home, you may find that you simply can't keep all of your possessions in this new location. Your moving storage unit offers a great way to declutter your home by giving you the space you need to store items away until you need them again. This option is ideal if you are moving to a temporary apartment before you purchase a home in your new city or if you will be living on campus during the school year but will be moving to an apartment during the summer. You'll be able to keep all the items that are important to you without having to fit them all in a small or cramped apartment.

Contact your local moving storage company to see which options are available to use. Portable storage units come in a range of sizes to suit your needs, and they can typically be dropped off and picked up according to your moving schedule. For more information, contact companies like Acorn Self Service Storage.