When you put your belongings in self storage, you might be tempted to focus on how close the facility is to your house, or to look for the facility that offers the lowest pricing. Instead, you should focus on a facility that offers will keep your belongings safe from would-be thieves as well as the elements. Thieves may be attracted to storage units because you have so many goods in one location, and humidity and dust can (if left unchecked) wreak havoc on delicate items. Luckily, the operators of storage facilities are aware of these dangers and take steps to prevent problems.

What Theft Deterrents to Look for

When you look for measures to deter thieves, the key thing to remember is that the more steps a facility takes to deter thieves, the better. For example, putting security cameras around the gates to the facility will help to catch those entering and leaving, but will not catch thieves at work inside the facility. Thus, you should look for a facility that places cameras throughout. Cameras are just the first step. Look for a facility surrounded by a masonry wall instead of a fence. Thieves could easily cut through a fence, but they will have a much harder time getting through masonry. Finally, look for a facility that places an alarm in each storage locker. You should have the opportunity to set the code for the alarm, but would-be thieves will not have the code to turn off the alarm, so authorities can react quickly if there should be a break in. 

Weather Protection

If you have delicate items such as electronics, artwork, or pianos, you should look for an indoor climate-controlled locker. Changes in temperature or humidity can cause a piano to lose its tuning or artwork to fade and/or crack. Dust can get into electronics and disrupt their function. If you keep your belongings safe, but they are in poor condition when you retrieve them, then you really aren't much better off. Thus, make sure you know which of your belongings need extra protection and look for a facility that will offer indoor lockers. 

Not every storage facility is created equal. Thus, you should take time to shop around and be willing to go beyond the neighborhood near your house if necessary to find a locker that will offer security and protection for your belongings. The peace of mind that comes from finding a weather-proof, secure storage facility like Stadium Storage is priceless.