A rented storage unit, like those at National Self Storage - Denver, is a good way to free up space in and declutter your home, safely store business items you don't have room for at home, or some other storage purpose. Keeping your storage space organized and its contents safe is one of your highest concerns. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Use the Space Smartly

When you begin to pack your storage unit, place larger items in the back and along the sides of the unit, leaving a walkway down the middle to provide access to you for reaching specific items. Avoid packing the unit tightly from the back to its front. This can create a mess if you need to locate or retrieve a specific item from the contents in your storage unit, as you will need to pull everything from the unit to do so.

It is helpful it you are storing furniture, to place the furniture so you can use it as storage shelves. For example, an entertainment center or night stand can be used to place items upon and inside drawers or cupboards. A bookshelf's individual shelves can be used for storing of similarly-shaped boxes.

Organize Boxes

When you pack items up for placing into your storage unit, try to use boxes of all the same size and shape. This will allow you to create stacks and fit the boxes more easily inside the unit. You can usually get free same-sized boxes from a local grocery or other retail store. For example, you can talk to a local grocer about acquiring produce boxes of all the same size to create an organization inside your storage unit when you pack it.

Be sure to label each of your boxes according to what it contains. You can do this by writing the boxes' contents on its exterior and placing each box inside the unit so its list of contents is visible from your storage unit center walkway. Or you can choose to number each box in order of their placement inside your unit. Then, keep an inventory list of specific items in each box and the boxes' number. If you need to get to a specific item inside a box, simply locate the item and look for the numbered box.

Keep Items Safe From Pests

Pests inside your storage unit can be a concern, including mice, cockroaches, moths, and other p that can get into and destroy your stored items. Place rodent poison or traps around the perimeter of your storage unit.

To protect your stored items inside their boxes, invest in some plastic storage bins that have lids that seal their contents from outside. Any scented items, items containing food, or perishable items should not be stored inside your storage unit, as pests can be attracted to them.

Use these tips to help you keep your storage items organized and safe.