If you want to be able to keep track of your belongings in your storage unit, this will require a multi-step effort on your part. Follow these three steps to ensure that you know exactly what is in your storage unit as well as where to find it.

Label All Of Your Boxes

The first step toward keeping things organized in your storage unit is to label all of your boxes. As you pack up items into boxes, make a list on the side of each box of all the contents within the box. This may take you a few extra minutes when you are packing, but it is the best way to ensure that you know exactly what is in every box. Try to pack similar items together. For example, pack your entire CD collection into one box, and pack all of your decorative candles for your living and family room into another box.

Take the box labels one step further by color-coding your boxes. Use tape to seal up the boxes based on where the items in the box would go in your home. For example, put green packing tape on all the boxes with kitchen supplies and yellow packing tape on all of your personal/bedroom belongings. You can even number the boxes for each color-coded symbol to keep things further organized.

Create A List

Listing everything on the outside of the boxes is helpful when you are pulling out the boxes and trying to find the right one. However, that doesn't allow you to remember what you put in storage when you are at home and not in front of your boxes.

Create a detailed list of your belongings that you can reference at home. Organize the list by color coding and box numbers, and list the belongings in each box. That way, when you are wondering if you put the blender you want in storage, you can easily access your list and see if that is the case.

Make A Map

Finally, when you put all of your belongings in storage, make a map of where you put everything. This can help you figure out where to put things in your storage unit and can make it easier for you to grab items out of your storage unit when you need them.

For example, when you want to pull out your extra blankets for winter, you can look at your map and see that you put all of your bedding in the back right corner of your storage unit, saving you time when you head there to pull out the items that you need. 

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