Do you think of renting a storage unit as something people do mid-move? Indeed, many people do benefit from renting a storage unit while moving between homes, but this is far from the only time when renting a storage unit can be helpful. Here are some other scenarios in which you should consider renting some storage space.

You have a lot of holiday decor and supplies. 

If your family "goes big" for the holiday season, you may have quite a few totes filled with decorations, gift wrapping supplies, baking tins, and the like. It's amazing how much space these things can take up, even when they're all packed up. Try renting a small storage unit so you can get those holiday totes out of your home and free up some space. You can put them in storage when the holiday season ends, and take them out again next fall.

You have a lot of gear for a seasonal hobby or sport.

Do you play a seasonal sport, like soccer, or engage in a hobby that only takes place during certain months? It doesn't make sense to fill your garage with gear all year long when you only use it for a few months at a time. Rent a storage unit, and move your stuff into the unit during the off-season. This leaves you space at home to gather equipment for a different hobby or sport you can do during that season, which may ultimately keep you more active.

You've been asked to store a loved one's things.

If your loved ones have a habit of asking you to store a few boxes or a piece of furniture for them, then your entire spare room or attic might be filled with things that are not even yours. Instead, you can rent a storage unit, put everything that's not yours inside of it, and then use your at-home storage space for things that belong to you and that you actually use. You may even be able to ask them to chip in a few dollars a month for the storage unit. And the next time someone asks you to store something, you can tell them that you have opted to put things in a storage space instead.

Storage units are the ultimate solution for anyone who has a lot of holiday items, off-season sports gear, or boxes to store for loved ones. Even a small, closet-sized storage unit can free up some space in your home. Contact a storage service for more information.