When you see shipping containers for sale at an auction, you probably just think about storage. However, there is a lot more you can do with shipping containers than just shipping and storage. The next time you see shipping containers for sale at an auction, think about all of the following ways that other people have transformed the average shipping container into something more.

​Shipping Container Homes

There is a tiny house craze going on around the world. There is also a mortgage-free movement happening in Britain. When you know more about these movements, it is easy to see how people take shipping containers for just a few thousand dollars, transform them into tiny homes for a few thousand more, and live their lives mortgage-free. This can be done simply and with a small budget, or, like a couple in Australia, you can go overboard, combining several shipping containers in an aesthetically pleasing formation to create a larger home. 

If you do not want to buy a shipping container to make a home for yourself, consider creating a charity that makes shipping container homes for homeless people. You would be giving less fortunate people something that will provide them with safety and security, and help them start their lives over again. For many homeless people, especially those with children in tow, this would be a very welcome gift.

Urban Greenhouses

It is really difficult to get green growing things to grow in a city. The space for it is lacking, and the air quality is not always the best. Sometimes an open lot between buildings becomes a community garden. Sometimes a rooftop becomes the building's garden, and sometimes, a shipping container turns into a community greenhouse. Up in Alaska, shipping containers are ideal greenhouses against the cold climate and against the wildlife that would eat the produce.

All it takes is the installation of several thick glass panels in the roof of the container, and along the upper walls of both of the long sides of the container. The heat collected through the windows makes the interior of the storage container very, very warm. Then you can grow anything inside the container you want to grow, all year long.

Different Sizes for Different Projects

If you have not seen this yet, shipping containers come in three different sizes. That may help you decide if you are going to do something out of the ordinary using a shipping container. Whatever your project, you can pick a different sized container to complete it.